Being ‘supermum’ is too hard

Sometimes being Supermum is just too hard. I forget to be thankful. I think about all the things that are going wrong, rather than all the things that are right. I think of my kids as a chore rather than the treasures that they are. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed because being a mum is lonely, physically and emotionally exhausting and I feel like crying. And before you start thinking ‘oh she sounds like she has depression’, I think that many women like myself who work and have children have found themselves at this point at some stage.

So I decided IM NOT GOING TO TRY TO BE SUPERMUM ANYMORE!!. I decided it’s more important to me to be a nice person to be around and to BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!!

If we don’t change the negative ways we think or the negative habits that we repeat every day, we will attract more negative things in our lives and we will always be this way.

I agree with the power of attraction-that the things we do, the way we think and the decisions that we make will attract more of the same kind. So if we THINK POSITIVELY and FOCUS ON GOOD THOUGHTS and visualise the things that we want in our lives and the person that we want to be rather than the bad, we will attract good, positive things in our lives.

And so begins my journey to being a better person….